Commercial Mortgages

Strip Mall

MortgagesLab provides small, medium and large sized businesses with Secured Financing. We provide funds from large banks, credit unions and specialized lenders via mortgages, lines of credit, construction financing and others.

Types or Properties

Please contact us to finance the following types of Properties:

Retail Units Shopping Plazas Hospitality
Warehouses Automobile Dealerships Factories
Office towers Hotel & Motels Strip Malls
Tennis Clubs Office Condominiums Health Clubs


Residential Mortgages

Residential Purchases, Mortgage Refinance, Transfer your Mortgage to a better bank

Residential Purchase  

Residential Purchases

Residential Financing with low down-payment, Fixed or Variable rates, Open or closed loans. Programs for new residents, mortgages for business owners or employees.

Residential Refinance      

Residential Refinance

Residential Refinancing to upgrade your home, invest in properties or expand your business, consolidate higher interest debt at low mortgage rates.

Mortgage Transfers  

Mortgage Transfers

Sometimes your bank cannot give you all you want. Sometimes other banks try harder. Transfer your mortgage to a bank that makes you happier, treats you better and charges you less.

Mortgage Renewals  

Mortgage Renewals

Did you look at only 1 property when you purchased your home? At your Mortgage Renewal you have the same opportunity to research options with other banks. There is no cost to you.


Fundraising for Non Profits

Non Profits Matter Logo

Non profits matter and MortgagesLab supports them. Our Fundraising program allows non profits to fund raise for their programs. Every time a new person comes to review their mortgage, MortgagesLab will donate $20 to the charity of their choice. No need to change or apply for a new mortgage, just come and learn and help the charity of your choice.


Cashflow Properties 1

cashflow mortgage

Cashflow Properties

Greater Vancouver Cashflow Properties per region.
Click on the link to view the properties listed below.

North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Langley, Surrey, Vancouver, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Mission, Whistler, New Westminster.

For additional information:
Call 778-588-7000 or Contact Us

Under 250K North Van

Under 200K Port Coquitlam-Moody

Under 250K Whistler

Under 200K New West

Under 200K Maple Ridge

Under 200K Coquitlam

Under 200K Burnaby

Under 150K Surrey

Under 150K Mission

under 150K Chilliwack

Under 150K Abbotsofd

under 150 Langley


2 Free Tax Returns

MortgagesLab 2 Free Tax Returns

2 Free Tax Returns                                

1) One offer per tax return
2) Each tax return cost up to $125
3) Offer expires 30 June 2014
4) For additional details contact 778-588-7000


MortgagesLab Fundraising

MortgagesLab Fundraising

Up to $10,000 available for Non-Profits, Charities, Foundations, Schools and Associations

MortgagesLab Fundraising                                

1) One Renewal Date offer per family
2) Fundraising available to Non-Profits, Charities, Foundations, Schools and Associations
3) $10,000 funding available
4) Offer expires 30 June 2014
5) For additional details contact 778-588-7000



Receive 2 free T1 Tax Returns with MrTaxes


MortgagesLab will give you 2 Free tax returns with MrTaxes, one for you and one for your friend or relative.

MortgagesLab will give you 2 Free T1 Tax Returns with your next Free Mortgage Renewal
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Terms and Conditions:
We will credit $80 for each tax return. Please call 778-588-7000 if you have any questions.